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Cat5 is Commonly Used for IP Based Systems

Cat6 is a faster solution than Cat5 or Coax but a little more expensive.

Cat6 has Benefits Over Cat5

Even though it’s still widely used for TV/Cable etc – Coax is becoming a thing of the past for Video Surveillance.

Coax is Still Widely Used

Structured Cabling is a system that is associated with cabling and hardware, it provides a telecommunications infrastructure that is very easy to comprehend. The infrastructure that is being provided is set to serve a large number of uses such as providing telephone services or transmitting data through a computer network system. It is not device dependent. Structure cabling can also be defined on the basis of ownership, the system commences functionality at the stage where the service provider is terminated. The structured cabling design and the installation is a system that operates under a set of standards that deal with the wiring of data center and offices along with apartments to enable data communication or voice communication using different types of cables. The standards that cabling operates under define the way to lay your cabling in different ways to achieve the set goal of meeting the demand of your customer. The cabling standards have a requirement that states that all of the eight conductors in the Category 5e the Category 6 and the Category 6A are being used. Some IP phone systems are able to run both telephones and wires on the same wiring system taking away the need for another phone wiring.

Telecomm Room

The telecommunications room – this links the back bone cabling to the horizontal cabling system this simply connects the end user’s materials to the various outlets of the horizontal cabling system.

Battery Backups

Battery Back Ups are a must have for any structured cabling project. This helps protect the network switches incase of power surges.

Patch Panels

Patch Panels are widely used to help label each drop from a camera or wall drop to the networking room.

POE Network Switch

A POE Network switch stands for Power over Ethernet. These are a huge help in IP Based Surveillance. We’re able to run our Cat5/Cat6 Data cable to a POE switch and it will power the camera and then we are able to detect the IP Camera on the Network.

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Wireless Networking

Also the cabling installation function as well as the kind of equipments that will be supported or can be supported by the cabling installation both in the present time and in the future time. The differences in the configuration of a system that has already been installed – in regards to the upgrades and the retrofits and then the requirements of the customer and the warranties from the manufacturing company.


There are a variety of several cables available for telecommunications
and other networking applications. All of these cables are described on the
basis of their different categories – some examples like the cat-5e cables and
the cat-6 cables are on SOME occasions recognized by the Telecommunications Industries Association (TIA) and below you will find short explanations on them.

Cat 5

The cat-5 cables are not recognized by TIA/EIA, it is a
cable that is used greatly for 100Base-T and the 1000Base-T networks because of its ability to provide performance that allows data at a 100 Mbps or even more. The cat-5 cables were characterized by the use of lines that were balance in order to be able to ensure the preservation of a high signal to noise ratio regardless of the interface from both the external sources, the outer
insulation is composed of polyvinyl chloride or rather low smoke zero halogen. The cat-5 cables are able to bend to any length that exceeded approximately about four times the outer diameter of the cable. It is a network that consists of four twisted pairs of wire, not just any kind but the copper wire that undergoes termination by an RJ-45 connector – the cat-5 cables have however now become obsolete and are almost never recommended anymore.


The cat-5e cable is cable that unlike the cat-5 cable is recognized by the TIA/EIA. This cable is defined in TIA/IA-568-B and it possesses a frequency specification that is only slightly higher than cat-5, its own rate of performance gets up to 125Mbps while that of cat-5 cables is 100Mbps. The cat-5e can be used for both 100Base-T and 1000Base-T gigabyte Ethernet. Basically, it is safe to say that cat-5e is an enhanced form of cat-5 cable that has been manufactured to specifications that are higher that cat-5 cables although they are physically the same as cat-5. Cat-5e cables are a promise of better work with a higher level of efficiency and skill, it is an advance version of a once great cat-5.

Cat -6

This category of cables is a twisted pair cable for Ethernet that is backward compatible with anyone of the cat5/5e cables or the category 3 cables. When compared to some of the other cable categories like the category 5 and 5e, cat 6 come with more specifications on system noise as well as cross
talk. It is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B and has a rather significant level of
improvement over category 5/5e. During the process of manufacture, they are
wounded more tightly than cat 5 or cat 5e and they sometimes come with braided shielding or a outer covering/foil. The shielding is present to bring
protection to the twisted wires and also to prevent the case of crosstalk or a
situation where noise begins to overlap. The performance of the cat 6 cables
goes up to 250MHz while that of cat 5 and cat 5e goes to 100MHz.

Fiber cable

The fiber cable or the fiber optic cable is of course a
network cable that has contained in it, strands of glass fibers in an insulated
casing that are designed for the purpose of long distance and very high
performance networking and telecommunicating. In comparison to wired cables, the fiber cables provide a high bandwidth and are able to transmit information of long distances – they are one of the backbones in support of most of the world’s internet, television and phone systems because of how much distance they are able to cover. They are able to carry information signals by taking the pulses of light that are being generated by little lasers or light emitting diodes (LEDs). In each cable you will find a strand or more of glass that is only slightly thicker than our human hair and you will also find the center of each strand the core’ that is responsible for providing the pathway with which light travels. The core is surrounded by a glass layer ladding’ that allows the light be able to reflect inward preventing the loss of signal andthat also allows the light to be able to go through the bends on the inside of the cable. Fibers are lighter in capacity and have a large number of network bandwidth that exceeds that of a copper cable. With fiber cables there is less need for signal boosters as light is able to travel through the cable at longer distance without causing the cable to lose its strength.

Coaxial cabling

Coaxial cable is a kind of copper cable that is built
specially with a metal shield and many other compartments in order to block
signal interference. This kind of cable is commonly used in cable television
companies to be able to connect their satellite antenna and their facilities to
the homes of their customers. Sometimes, it is also used in telephone companies to connect the main offices to the homes of their respective customers with the aid of a central pole – coaxial cabling is made used of in some homes as well as offices. Its name was gotten because it consist of a single physical channel that is responsible for the distribution of signals from junction to junction. They are made up of concentric layers of conductors of electricity and insulating material and in the process of its build up, it is ensured that the signals are close in properly within the cable to prevent interference from external sources. At the center of the cable is a thin conducting wire that is made either from solid or braided copper, there is also a dielectric layer that is made up of an insulating material with properly defined electrical characteristics surrounding the wire. There is also a layer of shield that is built around the dielectric layer with the use of a metal foil or a braided copper mesh. All of this assembled together is wrapped properly in an insulating jacket. The outer compartment of metal shield is grounded in the connectors at the two ends to protect the signals from interference.

Here at Nashville Surveillance, our method of approaching problems relating to cable installations and any other project relating to it are relatively standard and it is no news that the standardization of any installation is very important as there is need to be assured and to ensure that there is an acceptable system of performance from even the arrangement with increasing complexities. These standards we present to you are of great benefit as they give you a consistent design and installation along with dedication to the physical and the requirements of the transmission line. You also get a basis for the examination and expansion of the proposed system as well as uniform documentation.

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